Authorized by VESA (Video Electronics Standard Association), Allion can now provide “Early Certifications” for not only the Sink and Source but also the Cable of DisplayPort 1.4 (DP 1.4). We are also the only Authorized Test Lab (ATL) can assist vendors with obtaining all DP 1.4 certification categories.

DP 1.4 supports 4K@120Hz and 8K@60Hz video outputs and has a maximum transmission bandwidth of 32.4 Gbps. It also incorporates the Display Stream Compression; DSC function. Hence, DP 1.4 is able to support a higher resolution and refresh rate under the same bandwidth. Besides DSC, DP 1.4 includes Forward Error Correction and HDR Meta Transport, allowing it to perform better in video outputs.

The list below is the items (from components to the end-products) that we provide Early Certifications for DisplayPort 1.4:

  • Sink
  • Source
  • Dock
  • Cable
  • Dongle (Protocol Converter)
  • Connector
  • Alt Mode over USB Type-C

As the internationalized testing/consulting laboratory for IT Devices, Allion provides customizable validation services for our clients. Furthermore, since we are the first tier lab partner for 30+ Standard Logo Certification Alliances, including USB-IF, SATA-IO, VESA, Wi-Fi Alliance, and OCF, we are able to offer one-stop testing services for various Standard Certifications and Compliances.

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