Following the step of Taiwan, Allion China and Japan, are now available to locally perform CarPlay USB Signal Integrity (USB SI) Test. We will keep assisting our clients with processing tests to obtain the related product certifications.

Apple CarPlay, launched by Apple in 2014, is a connected car application that helps people to use their iPhones more safely while driving. By synchronizing iPhone and projecting its screen to the car’s built-in display, drivers can make calls, play music, and get directions in a smarter and easier way, allowing them to stay focus on the road. If you need further information of CarPlay, you need to join the MFi licensing program.

However, Apple has formulated sophisticated Test Specifications, such as USB Signal Integrity, USB Performance, ITU-T Telephony Audio Quality, and Siri Audio Quality, for the vendors desire to install CarPlay to their cars. Distinctive from other testing plans, the USB SI Test is required to be implemented by the lab that listed by Apple. As the Authorized Test Lab of USB-IF, Allion can offer a more convenient service for vendors.

Foreseeing the era of Connected Car, Allion keeps enhancing its capability of implementing related tests in the IVI area. Besides the certification test service of Apple CarPlay, we can provide “Global Interoperability Test,” and various “Standard Logo Certifications,” including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and USB. Through Allion’s one-stop and well-rounded services, your product will be able to succeed in the new IoT Generation.

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