According to In-Stat’s report in 2011, the revenue of networked IP surveillance market will reach more than 15 billions in 2014 and the market will turn to IP and High Definition (HD) equipments soon. In the past, digital IP video might encounter transmission delay caused by network bandwidth, temporary storage from video decoder and other reasons, and the use of CCTV coaxial cables also has lots of restrictions for application. However, the key point of networked IP surveillance market’s growth is a solution of reducing transmission delay while based on existing CCTV coaxial cable infrastructure. Therefore, high-performance analog and power management semiconductors company, Intersil Corporation launched Security Link Over Coax (SLOC™) solution to overcome the restrictions.


The SLOC™ solution is designed to simultaneously transmit analog CVBS video and digital IP video over a single coaxial cable. SLOC™ supports distances up to 500 meters of coaxial cabling, eliminating the need for repeaters and also provides an instant upgrade from SD quality to HD and Mega-pixel resolutions.

Based on this hybrid technical framework, SLOC™ allows IP cameras to operate in the existing CCTV coaxial cable infrastructure without the need for new wiring or cable modifications, providing significant cost and resource savings. SLOC™ also supports latency-free analog CCTV functions as well as networked IP surveillance, meeting the need for efficiency of real-time image transmission and cloud control. As for surveillance system manufacturers, they can more effectively enhance the performance and overcome application limitations.

In order to promote the application of SLOC™, Intersil has joined forces with nearly 100 global companies, including Sony, Altronix and Hikvision to create a SLOC™ ecosystem for standardization and solution awareness, accelerating the global adoption and implementation of hybrid IP-based security systems for the video surveillance market.

Intersil recently has authorized Allion Labs, Inc. as the first certification test laboratory of SLOC™ solution. As the third-party test laboratory designated by many international technical standard alliances, Allion is currently the only test laboratory that offers SLOC™ Certification Program around the world. Allion would assure that manufacturers’ products conform to the request of specification and help manufacturers with obtaining SLOC™ logo through complete professional SLOC™ Certification Program and technical consultation service.  Besides, Allion provides debugging analysis for device’s usability, interoperability and validation of networking to create a more reliable quality for examined products such as CCTV, video player/recorder, AV signal transmitter and receiver…etc.

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