With the growing development of Smart TVs as well as the increasing demand for user experience technology, standard remote controls, which only transmit infrared rays, have gradually been replaced by a new champion: Bluetooth remote control technology.


Bluetooth remotes have become a standard feature of smart TVs. The main reason being that its technology has the advantages of no alignment, ability to penetrate obstacles, longer control distance, lower latency, and lower power consumption. However, as Smart TV’s functions become rich and its designs more complex, this entails supplemental user experience problems in addition to potential risks to Bluetooth remote control products…

Bluetooth Remote Control: The underlying issue for your Smart TV issues


How Bluetooth remote control functionality affects user feedback for Smart TVs

『User X buys a Smart TV, hoping to watch streaming video programs with his family in the living room. However, occasionally the remote-control malfunctions in the middle of operation; becomes unusable, requiring the entire remote control to be repaired. This problem occurs again and again to User X for a few days and, after a few unpleasant experiences, he leaves a very negative review online. 』

How Bluetoth remote control functionality affects user feedback for Smart TVs

Seeing as User X’s issue is a probabilistic problem and its exact conditions are unknown, its cause cannot be effectively identified and improved, even after several weeks. Following the manufacturer’s receival of continuous complaints regarding this particular issue, despite being classified as an occasional problem, its severity cannot be underestimated. When multiplying the total sales volume currently on the market, there are bound to be several consumers facing this issue every day. Therefore, the manufacturer decided to contact Allion, hoping to assist them in gaining clarity on the situation to fix it as soon as possible.


Allion has learned from past accumulated project experience that Bluetooth remote controls often have the following user complaints:

  • Buttons for the Bluetooth remote control become inoperable
  • Paired Bluetooth remote control occasionally disconnects by itself
  • The operation response is not responsive and smooth enough.
  • Poor experience using voice recognition


Allion Smart Home Test Solution:Use AI testing tools to efficiently reproduce and detect probabilistic problems

Based on information provided by customers, Allion’s team analyzed several key groups of situations and scenarios that are capable of causing problems. By combining them with the Allion Smart Home Test Solution, Allion conducted AI verification despite the probability of occurrence being only a small percentage. Serious problems are capable of being efficiently detected while ensuring consistency.

Use AI testing tools to efficiently reproduce and detect probabilistic problems

As shown in the video, RC key no response,” Allion utilizes AI tools to repeatedly perform consistent operations, simulating in a short time the behavior of users turning on the TV every day, playing videos, and switching between different streaming apps. The AI test tool detects the remote control’s response issue at 1:36-1:47 of the video, repeatedly verifying that pressing the remote control three times still had no effect (Figure 2). After submitting the relevant records log of the period before and after the issue occurred to the customer, Allion successfully found the cause, solving the probabilistic malfunction’s cause of the Bluetooth remote control.

the remote control three times still had no effect
Figure 2


As for other user experience-related issues (remote control sensitivity/response speed, voice function usage experience, etc.), it is possible to use AI tools to conduct precise and standardized measurements through data-based and scientific analysis. Hence, providing customer-related, specific improvement suggestions.


Audio-Visual Display Ecosystem Validation Service


Allion assists customers in quickly obtaining verification strategies for product development based on their product’s characteristics and the current status provided. Allion continues to invest in the industry’s top instruments, equipment, and test sites. By purchasing peripheral equipment from mainstream brands on the market, it allows customers to save time by building test environments in addition to maintenance costs for testing equipment.


Through the introduction of AI and automation solutions, Allion assists customers in solving problems that are difficult to manage in addition to touching on general manual testing, ensuring that every test is “qualitative, quantitative, and reproducible.” This is efficient and saves time, providing high accuracy and stability, thereby meeting the customers’ automated testing needs for full-time, uninterrupted operation.


Allion provides a professional technical team with rich expertise. It knows how to design user experience verification in addition to using real-world usage scenario testing to ensure your products perform optimally in actual applications. Researchers have been tracking market dynamics and analyzing user feedback at length. They are capable of immediately providing the most accurate product evaluation and feedback based on the experience of the market and the consumer.

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If you want to know more about the introduction of AI tools and related applications, you are welcome to browse Allion’s AI smart solutions online.

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