Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, and other streaming apps have become one of the most popular entertainment activities. When consumers buy a TV that doesn’t allow them to properly enjoy these apps, these consumers will direct their anger toward the brands that make these products. And if these issues cannot be solved, it could lead to consumers giving up on these products, severely impacting these brands.

The Customer Complaints Keep Coming, But A Solution Cannot be Found?

Allion has decades of experience with TV testing and certification. The following case is an example of Allion’s smart TV consulting team assisting a client with their customer complaints.

A user bought one of their TVs hoping to watch online movies and relax after going home every day from work. However, the user often encounters a bad signal that continuously disrupts the video stream. The user first suspected the Wi-Fi signal was not strong enough, so he moved his Wi-Fi router next to the TV. However, the issue was the same. When the user connected his mobile phone to the same router to watch the same video, there was no lag whatsoever. This lasted for several days as the problem could not be solved by the user. In the end, the user angrily complained to our client about the TV’s connection and wanted to return it.

After our client received similar complaints like this, they asked their manufacturer to find out the reason behind this problem. After a few weeks, they still could not find an answer. That’s when the client contacted Allion, hoping we could help them solve this issue and find out the cause.

Scenario Simulations and Cross-Validating

After fully understanding the user complaints, our smart TV consulting team designed some user scenarios and formulated a plan. First, 5 Wi-Fi APs were selected from the current market, then they asked the clients to provide several different TVs for testing. After the verification was completed, something interesting was found in one of the usage scenarios where the TV and Wi-Fi AP were placed 1 meter apart.

  • Marked with a red circle, the measured throughput values of DUT1 and DUT2 were much lower than others. This means the wireless transmission speeds are low, resulting in laggy videos.
  • After comparing the Wi-Fi chip modules, it was found that DUT1 and DUT2 used the same Wi-Fi chip.

At this point, all the evidence points to the Wi-Fi chips.

We reported this to our clients and told them because they only used one Wi-Fi AP, they could not find and reproduce this issue. We also suggested the client conduct relevant user scenario simulations and performance testing before mass-producing their products. This can help avoid issues like these after launching the product onto the market.

There’s More Than One Problem?

In addition to identifying the original issue, Allion’s smart home TV consulting team discovered some more issues from the test data. It was found that the same Wi-Fi chip had TV-AP IOP problems and antenna design problems, which could cause only a single antenna to be used for transmission. There was also an issue of signal oversaturation, causing the transmission efficiency to decrease even though the distance and signal strength were increased.

After understanding the reason for the issue, the client asked their Wi-Fi chip manufacturer to update and upgrade their software and firmware to solve this problem that caused so many customers to complain.

Allion’s smart home TV consulting team has decades of experience working with major international manufacturers. Our testing laboratories and testing equipment are fully customizable for our client’s user scenario testing. Allion can assist clients in their product development, evaluations, and quality verifications, allowing for a more efficient, easier, and more complete experience when designing your products. Allion can save you from making a lot of unnecessary mistakes.

Faster, Easier, Better! Your Most Trusted Smart TV Testing Consultant

Our consulting team has accumulated years of experience with major international manufacturers and clients. We have a variety of high-quality testing equipment, allowing us to customize tests according to different user scenarios. Allion can assist clients in improving their products in both the development phase and quality verification phase, allowing them to save time and resources in a faster, easier, and better way.


Allion has capabilities and experience in wireless acoustic. Problem analysis, on-site measurement, result analysis, and improvement strategies are some solutions we provide our clients with.

  • Quickly provide product development certification strategies and modification suggestions
  • Quickly provide wireless signal performance measurement testing and give consulting solutions


By implementing AI and automation solutions, Allion ensures that every test is “qualitative, quantitative, and reproducible”, helping our clients to improve product performance in a more efficient manner.

  • Less labor-intensive testing methods
  • Time-saving and cost-effective testing solutions
  • More accurate test results


With more than 30 years of expertise, specialized technical team, and comprehensive testing environments and equipment, Allion is committed to providing clients with more improved quality of service based on extensive experience of User Scenario Testing.

  • Provide a better and more complete consulting strategy with discussions
  • Professional debugging support and issue isolation

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