In recent years, the market size of the voice assistant market and their usage rates have significantly increased. In 2022, the global voice assistant market was valued at around 4.6627 billion USD and is expected to exceed 38.5395 billion USD in 2031 with a compound annual growth rate of 26.45%.

As smart homes have become increasingly popular, smart TVs that support voice assistants have become indispensable for smart home ecosystems. Consumers can interact with their TVs and control various functions and products through voice assistants or Matter.

A Voice Assistant that Doesn’t Understand Commands Can Really Make You Angry!

Based on decades of testing experience, Allion’s voice assistant consulting team discovered various challenges for smart TV voice assistants, such as:

  • Speech recognition
  • Speech recognition stability/accuracy rate
  • Voice data transmission
  • Voice operation interface management
  • Resistance to wireless interference
  • Microphone design
  • Resistance to ambient noise

To deal with these potential risks, Allion designed the following scenario to verify these risks:

You pick up the TV’s Bluetooth remote and issue the voice command “play music on YouTube” into the microphone on the remote. The TV then starts to play music on YouTube.

After testing this scenario many times, we found that speech recognition performance is affected by the various factors mentioned above, especially speech recognition stability, voice data transmission, ambient noise, and others. After further analysis, it was found that the issues were due to probability, making it difficult to find them with just a few tests.

Imagine a consumer happily buying a smart TV and going home. The consumer sets up their TV and issues 10 voice commands. Most of the time, there is no issue, but sometimes the TV will respond with the phrase “Sorry, please try again”. Poor user experiences like this will lead to customer complaints and negative reviews, ultimately affecting the brand image.

To solve these types of issues, Allion’s consulting team can provide clients with the Allion Critical Scenario Test Solution (ACSTS) which simulates voice assistant performance in different application scenarios.

Voice Performance v.s. Chance. Who Wins?

The following table is data from a real case in which we used 5 different voice commands executed 200 times to verify and test the performance of the voice assistant. Below is the analysis of the test results.

  • ”Spider-man 2” failed once
  • ”Collateral beauty” failed 11 times, in which 10 times were incorrectly recognized as “the closest one”

A customer updated their TV software based on the log files provided by our consulting team to resolve a long-term customer complaint.

The Allion Critical Scenario Test Solution (ACSTS) provides consistent testing environments and conditions that can simulate various scenarios, formulate strategies, create guidelines, and perform thousands of verifications. Once an issue or a “fail” is discovered, photos and videos of the testing process are automatically recorded and combined with the generated test report. This greatly improves the efficiency of problem analysis and debugging, saving time and costs for R&D personnel.

Faster, Easier, Better! Your Most Trusted Testing Consultant

After reading this article, you now know that more smart products are adopting voice assistant technology. It’s now crucial for voice assistants to function properly. Allion’s voice assistant consulting team can provide clients with faster, more convenient, and better services, ensuring the quality of their products.


Allion can provide clients with fast and accurate evaluations that effectively shorten schedules for certifications. With a complete range of testing equipment and testing environments, we provide the best quality control for our clients.

  • Quickly provide product development validation strategies
  • Quickly provide consulting solutions


By implementing AI and automation solutions, Allion ensures that audio and speakers test is “qualitative, quantitative, and reproducible”, helping our clients to improve product performance in a more efficient manner.

  • Provides less labor-intensive testing methods
  • Provides more efficient and cost-effective solutions
  • Provides more accurate results


With more than 30 years of expertise, Allion has many professional teams with the knowledge to design quantitative testing methods and user experience verification testing. We also know how to design quantitative tests and user scenario simulations, allowing our clients to comply with requirements and user expectations.

  • Professional testing equipment and environment
  • Professional debugging support and issue isolation

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