There are many transmission cables nowadays that help establish connections between electronic products and devices, providing high data transmission speeds of up to 10/20/40 Gbps. These cables are most suitable for connecting devices with high-resolution monitors, high-speed storage devices, and other products that require high-speed connections.

Potential Risks of High-speed Cables

Low-quality high-speed cables will lead to unpredictable risks and issues that will result in a negative user experience. For example, when computers and displays transmit audio and video data at high speeds, you need 4K functionality for the cables. However, poor-quality cables have the risk of signal attenuation, which causes the signals to be unstable. This could lead to the following issues:

  1. Poor signal quality
  2. Signal interruptions

Allion has dealt with a customer complaint from one of our clients regarding a USB-C Cable being unstable when it was connected to a monitor. After running compatibility tests, we found issues such as screen flickering, excess noise, and more. When measuring electrical signals, it was found that the insertion loss test failed causing excessive signal attenuation and jitter.

Allion Can Provide The Best Solutions

Defects in transmission cables can lead to excessive signal attenuation that can result in a negative user experience and customer complaints. Allion can provide clients with a complete range of customized consulting services and solutions.

Faster, Easier, Better: The Most Trusted Customized Consulting Service for Cables


Allion’s consulting team will utilize past client experiences, experts in various fields, and our accumulated database to provide new clients with faster solutions. We assist clients with initial designs, product development, and applications of cable products. Allion can also provide clients with product, safety, compatibility, regulation, testing expertise, and more.


Allion’s team has an in-depth understanding of cable products, a complete range of professional skills, and years of high-frequency product testing experience. This allows us to identify issues during the testing process quickly and provide our clients with the correct solutions. We can assist our clients with their product issues and ensure they are following regulations and requirements to pass verification tests.


For transmission cable manufacturers, their products need to go through testing and verifications to come out with high-quality, safe, reliable, and compatible products. Consumers will then use them with a certain degree of peace of mind.

Only Allion’s professional testing team can assist clients with the following services:

  1. Provide relevant applications and suggestions early in the product design phase
  2. Introduce correct standards and regulations of various associations
  3. Implement strict quality testing regarding mass production


Let Allion’s professional teams become your partners and receive all of our comprehensive services. Our support can ensure you produce high-quality cables that meet standards and regulations, allowing your consumers to receive a better user experience.

If you have any further needs for testing, verification, or consulting services related to the cables, please feel free to explore the following services online or contact us through the online form.