As technology advances, various high-frequency/high-speed electronic products consistently emerge in the technological landscape. The issue of delay in high-frequency transmission lines has become an extremely important challenge in modern communication and electronics. With the ongoing increase in demand for high-frequency data transmission, delays become a significant obstacle, directly impacting communication speed, data accuracy, and overall performance.

Signal delay diagram and potential issues

Signal delay diagram and potential issues

Potential Risks Caused by Transmission Delays

Transmission delays may bring a series of potential risks, affecting everything from personal life to the operation of commercial and social systems. Brand manufacturers may face a crisis when delays occur in file data backups or audiovisual synchronization, resulting in significant delays or even failures in transmission. Daily applications issues may still have room for correction, but the stakes are much higher for real-time imaging or synchronized medical equipment systems!

High-frequency transmission lines play a crucial role in the modern medical field, especially in medical imaging diagnosis. These transmission lines are commonly used in devices such as ultrasound, CT scans, and MRI machines. Physicians rely on real-time imaging results to make diagnoses based on optical images, and delay issues with high-frequency transmission lines may significantly affect the immediacy, image quality, and stability of diagnosis. If this leads to misdiagnosis, the consequences could be disastrous.

The Arch-Nemesis in the Medical Field

Actual Case Examples

Propagation delays can have an impact whether in commercial cable assemblies or raw cables. Allion has extensive experience in the cable field and has assisted clients in resolving issues of excessive delay in raw cables. For instance, a product’s transmission delay requirement must not exceed 20ns, but the cables provided by the client exceeded this requirement. After thorough discussion with the client, our professional team proposed effective solutions. If such raw cables were applied to products without being tested and optimized, the potential risks mentioned earlier could easily occur.

Propagation Delay Actual Case Examples
Propagation delay

Faster, Easier, Better: Allion Cable Consultation Service

How to effectively solve transmission delays? Allion’s testing team has accumulated years of rich experience and can assist clients in conducting analysis and comparisons with various samples. Using network analyzers for comprehensive cable testing, we provide insights into potential issues, making transmission delay problems a thing of the past. Some common causes and points to consider include:

  1. Tight winding of the wires
  2. Uneven coating during wire drawing
  3. Selection of core plating material
  4. Appropriate number of wire cores
  5. Suitable cable length

  Allion is well-prepared for vector network analyzer equipment, with bandwidths ranging from 20GHz to 67GHz, totaling more than 10 units, to meet various high-frequency cable needs. In addition to the standard 4-port network analyzers, Allion also has 8-port network analyzers to fully meet and respond to customers’ special measurement needs.

Allion is well-prepared for vector network analyzer equipment

In addition to comprehensive equipment, Allion also has the following advantages:


With Allion’s project mode, we can accurately grasp the testing process and provide comprehensive analysis and integration of data, allowing clients to quickly seize the market and become leaders.


With rich and comprehensive testing experience, Allion conducts feasibility assessments promptly upon receiving testing requirements, and provides appropriate test item suggestions and corresponding solutions to accurately address product issues.


As an industry-recognized certification laboratory, Allion leverages its rich experience in the industry to provide more comprehensive improvements and testing suggestions for customized tests and non-certified tests, reducing the time-consuming issues in product development.


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