The popularity of e-sports has led to the incredible development of the e-sports industry. According to Bizwit Research & Consulting LLP, the global gaming market is expected to have a compound annual growth rate of 10.4% by 2028. Among all the e-sports-related accessories, gaming keyboards are one of the most important products for gamers. During a game, delays and lags will result in a bad gaming experience for users, ultimately affecting market sales. To deal with this issue, brands and manufacturers are developing and promoting the various advantages of their products with low latency. They want to provide gamers with the best user experience and attract more consumers to purchase their products.

E-sports Keyboard Testing

Keyboard latency refers to the time it takes from when a key is pressed to when the computer receives the signal. So, why is latency so important? In competitive gaming, a win or loss can be due to a reaction time measured in milliseconds. Low latency brings an advantage for competitive players. With games that require fast reaction times and decision-making such as FPS or MOBA games, low latency is especially important. In these types of games, each millisecond counts. High latency will lead to slower reaction times, putting players at a disadvantage.

How should consumers compare low-latency gaming keyboards? According to our research, if brands can include measured data and comparisons with older products or other brands, consumers will understand better, resulting in gamers making a purchase.

Below we selected several popular products from the market and tested them. The results were then compared with normal keyboards.

The table below shows the latency time of low-latency gaming keyboards (not including system delay).

The table below shows the latency time of normal keyboards (not including system delay).

It can be seen from the test results that low-latency keyboards have obvious advantages for gaming performance. When the gaming keyboards were connected with a wire, the latency times were very similar. However, when connected with wireless or Bluetooth mode, the performance began to differ. Manufacturers should pay more attention to this phenomenon, especially when going wireless is a hot trend.

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