In modern times, almost everyone has multiple microSD and SD cards (Secure Digital Memory Card). It’s small in size and has a large capacity for data storage, making it suitable for small devices to utilize. Since the earliest SD 1.0 card, SD cards have evolved and gone through many versions such as 2.0 (SD/SDHC/SDXC), 3.0 (UHS-I), 4.x (UHS-II), 5.x, 6.0 (UHS-III), 7.x (PCIe Gne3), and the recent 8.0 (PCIe Gne4). The operating speed and capacity of SD cards have continued to increase. In addition to the versions of the cards, the connector is also a crucial component, allowing it to read and write data. This is true especially for the high-speed SD 7.0 & SD 8.0 cards. With PCIe 3.0 and PCIe 4.0, the connector design of microSD and SD cards has become even more important.

To ensure these connectors are stable when working at high speeds, it must first be confirmed whether the connector design complies with the SD Association’s requirements. To start, a test fixture must be designed that complies with the verification requirements

Potential Issues of microSD Cards and SD Cards: The Challenges of Connector Design


Potential Issues of MicroSD Cards and SD Cards

There are various microSD and SD card connectors available today. Consumers can only see the appearance of the connectors in the finished product, they cannot see the inside of the connector. However, the devil is in the details. You need to ask questions like, “Does the impedance design in the connector meet the required specifications?”, “Do the high-frequency characteristics of the connector pins meet the S-Parameter standards (IL, RL, NEXT, FEXT, and others)?”, and “Does the microSD and SD card plug meet the requirements of the SD Association?”. These issues will all affect card performance and stable operation of the product, which are just what consumers are concerned about.



To reduce the risk of these issues occurring, Allion can assist clients in producing high-frequency boards for microSD and SD card connectors for measurement. Whether they are on SD Protocol or SATA/PCIe Protocol, they can be tested with Allion’s high-quality microSD and SD card connector HF board and high-frequency card plug to measure performance. The results can be used as a reference for comparison and evaluation, simultaneously assisting clients with quality control. Allion can help clients provide their customers with better microSD and SD card connectors.

Allion’s high-quality microSD and SD card connector HF board and high-frequency card plug


The measurement charts shown below are examples of Allion’s real measurements of SD card connectors. In this specific case, the Insertion Loss/Near End Crosstalk in Figure 1 and Figure 2 passed the verification, but the Return Loss failed (Figure 3). After our team analyzed this issue, we gave our client the suggestion of improving the impedance on the connector pins. After they did this, the SD card connector successfully passed the Return Loss test (Figure 4).


Faster, Easier, Better: The Most Trusted Validation Consultant

Allion is deeply rooted in the IT industry and we have accumulated over 30 years of testing and certification experience. Through comprehensive intelligent testing suggestions and industry-leading high-frequency and high-speed measuring capabilities, Allion can bring connector-related clients with a full range of testing solutions, assisting them to achieve strict product quality control, and provide a faster, easier and better integrated consulting services and solutions. We also have the following advantages.



Allion has high-quality testing equipment such as 20-67 GHz vector network analyzers. Our experienced team will then interpret the meaning behind the data, quickly solving our client’s issues.



Allion can assist clients in developing high-frequency test fixture boards, which simultaneously saves time and reduces compatibility issues.



Once we find potential risks in our client’s products, we can immediately help them understand the possible causes. Afterward, debugging and suggested solutions are provided to help our clients make faster decisions and solve problems more efficiently.

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