In the modern age, computers are inseparable from our daily lives, work, and leisure. As keyboard and mouse have become mainstream, offices, coffee shops, and libraries are filled with noisy clicks and clacks from mice and keyboards. To solve this problem, silent mice and keyboards were introduced. However, are the silent mice and keyboards as quiet as they are advertised? If products fail to provide consumers with noise measurement data for their reference, how should brands and distributors choose a supplier?

Having rich experience with product certification, Allion has done the research based on evidence and we’ve discovered the truth about silent mice and keyboards.

Silent Mouse and Keyboard Case Study

How should consumers compare “silent products”? Our research shows that if silent mice and keyboards can include measured results of data with previous generation products or other brand products, it will be easier for consumers to understand. The silent function is what has attracted these consumers who pay attention to noise issues.

For the test, Allion has selected several popular products on the market. The GRAS 40HF Microphone and the APx500 Flex Audio Analyzer will be used to measure the noise of each product. The results will be measured in dB(A).

Mouse Noise Measurement

This article will not reveal the brands and model names

According to the data above, Mouse B (silent mouse) has the best overall performance. Although Mouse A (silent mouse) and Mouse C (silent mouse) have slightly better performance than Mouse D (normal mouse), the loudest and softest noise values are lower than the average.

Keyboard Noise Measurement

This article will not reveal the brands and model names

For the keyboards, five of the same keys were measured and compared. The results show that Keyboard C (silent keyboard) had the best performance.

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Customized Consulting Service for PC Accessories

Based on the research above, Allion can provide corresponding solutions to meet our client’s needs. 
  • Testing Method Developing
  • Noise Measurement Test
  • User Experience
  • Comparison Analysis
Simultaneously, we can assist in providing other services that help with quality control for your mice and keyboards, such as:
  • Compatibility Test
  • Function Test and App Test
  • Latency Test
  • Distance Test
  • Wireless Interference Test
  • Charging test


Allion has professional anechoic chambers, various types of audio-measuring equipment, comprehensive testing technology, and most importantly, decades of experience. We can effectively provide our clients with the appropriate testing methods and consulting services.


With AI and automated testing solutions, Allion ensures our clients with results that are qualitative, quantitative, and reproducible. Our services can help you improve the quality and performance of your products more efficiently.


Allion has a professional team with access to a complete range of testing equipment and laboratories. We can act as an unbiased third party that provides you with improvement suggestions, allowing your products to look more attractive to your consumers.


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