USB 4 and Thunderbolt 4 interfaces have been widely used in laptops, external ports, monitors, external hard drives, external graphic cards, and others. Intel recently announced that Thunderbolt 5 will be released in 2024, supporting up to 120 Gbps one-way transmissions. As long as a Thunderbolt cable is used, users can utilize high-speed data transmission and high-resolution image output. When high-speed data transmission is promised but the actual performance is not up to par, users will be let down. This is a situation that Allion discovered during our test experiments.

Thunderbolt Transmission Performance Issues and Solutions

The key to a good high-speed data transmission user experience is stability. Users hate it the most when they encounter reduced speeds and data loss during data transmission, or screen flickering and reduced image quality during high-definition video playback. Signal quality can usually guarantee signal stability. Allion had a past client where their consumer purchased a new laptop with Thunderbolt 4, wanting to use Peer to Peer for backing up data from a previous computer. However, during this process, they found that the read time took even longer than the old computer’s read time, taking up twice the amount of time. This ultimately led to them filing a customer complaint.

As a Thunderbolt-certified laboratory, Allion can provide debugging consulting services. Our decades of experience tell us that most times the problem is with the design of the hardware. To dig deeper into the issue, we recommended our client conduct a Bit Error Rate test. After this test was finished, sure enough, bit errors were found (shown in the red box).

Allion’s professional consulting team will design real user scenario tests that simulate actual usage of the products, helping clients eliminate potential risks.

Faster, Easier, Better: The Most Trusted System Testing Consultant

Allion has decades of experience with computer system certification and compatibility testing. Our team of professional engineers can quickly identify issues and provide solutions for our clients.

With plenty of experience, Allion designs customized testing plans, providing the best consulting services for our clients.


Allion can provide clients with fast and accurate evaluations that effectively shorten schedules for certifications. Allion is an official Thunderbolt certification laboratory. We also have a complete range of Thunderbolt testing equipment that can ensure compatibility amongst different kinds of HDMI products, helping you with your quality control along the way.

  • Quickly provide product development certification strategies with rich testing experience and collection of testing equipment
  • Quickly obtain logo certification


Allion has a complete range of Thunderbolt hardware certification testing equipment and testing environments. With our testing solutions, we can ensure each client’s certification process is qualitative, quantitative, and reproducible. Through Allion’s professional support, we can assist our clients in obtaining accurate test results easily, ensuring the quality and performance of their products.

  • Provides more accurate results
  • Provides professional issue isolation and debugging support for our clients to make product development more convenient.


Not only does Allion have professional teams with decades of experience, but we also know how to design quantitative tests and user scenario simulations, allowing our clients to comply with requirements and user expectations. Allion’s professional teams can also provide suggestions for product modifications, assist with supplier management, and help with specifications requirements from international associations during product development. This further enhances the quality of our client’s products, ensuring high standards that comply with international specification requirements.

  • Provides a better and more complete experience for brands to establish ODM ecosystem plans
  • Provides more complete user scenario testing solutions


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