U.2/U.3 PCIe CBB5.0 Test Fixture

Product ID: APT22076 / APT21135

Product Summary

U.2/U.3 PCIe CBB5.0 Test Fixture
SMPM Connecor with Flexible Cable Moulde

  • The U.2/U.3 PCIe CBB5.0 Test Fixture Set contains the below items:
    1. U.2/U.3 CBB5.0 Test Fixture (Model Name: APT22076)
    2. Allion CMTS Board (Model Name: APT21135)
    3. Cable Module*4
  • The lead time will be 6-8 weeks from order to shipment.


  • PCI Express Device Compliance Test for Tx/Rx
  • Ready for Next Generation Validation

Key Feature

1. PCIe U.2/U.3 Compliance Electical Test for Tx & Rx.
2. SMPM Connectors and Cables update to 40GHz Supported
3. Flexiable Cable Assembly to simplize installation
4. 2X Thru Calibration onboard


  1. PCIe U.2/U.3 Vertical Receptacle Connector
  2. Six SMPM Connectors for U.2、U.3 and SAS4 PCIe Lane0/1/2/3
  3. Two SMPM Connector for 2X Thru Calibration
  4. Two SMA connectors for Clock Reference
  5. Dimension : 100mm x 70mm
  6. Others:
    Four SMPM 3 inches Cable with SK Receptacle

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