PCIe CEM x 16 to MCIO8i x 2 Adaptor

Product ID: APT23063

Product Summary

PCIe CEM x 16 to MCIO8i x 2 Adaptor

The lead time will be 4-6 weeks from order to shipment.


Applicable for Server, IPC, Notebook, Desktop or system product which needed PCIe CEM x 16 to convert MCIO8i Form factor

Key Features

  • 90 degree MCIO8i receptacle x2, Easy to use.
  • Differential pair length less than 1.5 inch for less loss.



  • PCIe CEM x16 Golden Finger
  • Two 90 degree MCIO8i receptacle
  • Dimesion: 42.2mm x 90mm
  • weight: 21.5g

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