Allion CMTS Toggle Board

Product ID: APT21135

Product Summary

When you test PCIe Transmission Electrical Test, you need to toggle Rx Signals to switch Compliance mode with a different preset.

Allion CMTS toggle Board can toggle Compliance Mode by connecting DUT Rx signals through onboard SMPs or SMAs.


PCIe Compliance Test

Key Feature

  1. Standalone Test Fixture
  2. PCI-SIG CMTS toggle function compatibility


  1. One USB Receptacle Connector for 5V Power
  2. Two SMP Connectors for PCIe Rx connection
  3. Two SMA Connectors for PCIe Rx connection
  4. One Push Button for Compliance Mode Toggle
  5. One 2.0mm Box Header for Reserved
  6. Dimension : 60.00 mm x 30.00 mm

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