Founded in Taiwan in 1991, Allion has accumulated over 30 years of testing experience. With our team of engineering experts, we are committed to providing consultancy services and quality solutions throughout different product stages, helping clients enhance their product quality and production efficiency.

One-Stop Consulting Service

One-Stop Consulting Service

Design Review

By providing comprehensive product design review services, Allion assists you in evaluating layouts and circuit diagrams to ensure that signal and power integrity meet design specifications , and optimize your product's performance to meet high standards.

Test Fixture/Solution Design

Accurate test fixtures designed to meet different standards and specifications,
Allion's Innovative test fixture design solutions to ensure product quality and performance.

User Scenario Validation

Make user satisfaction a priority. Allion's user scenario validation helps you create products that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.



Based on the unique features of your product, we design testing services and integration of technology, platforms, real-life scenarios and user experience that better your product.

APMS (Allion PCIe Automation Measurement System)

Higher Time Efficiency

Shortens project schedule and speeds up turnaround time

Consistent Quality

Unified test process, detailed logs, free of human errors

Expand Equipment Usage

Maximizes the utilization of high-value instrument

AWE (Allion Wireless Equipment)

AWE TR-398 provides the real and immediate feedback for your network products.
Most of all, the Quality of Experience (QoE) can be reviewed, analyzed, and enhanced.

AI Robotic Test Solution for IVI

We offer simplicity and convenience when undergoing comprehensive IVI system functionality and interoperability testing.

Cable-Connector Allion Multiport Switch (CAMS)

Developed for USB 3.2®, USB4®, HDMI 2.1 testing. CAMS is able to work with a network analyzer and Get_iPar(Intel) to automate high frequency tests.

Motor Dashboard (HIL)
- Accurate, Efficient Simulation Testing

Overcome the difficulties to build a real-world test environment

Quicken the development time frame of software/hardware

Ensure the functionality to meet the validation demands

Allion defines application testing scenarios to ensure the product's usability and reliability. For example, they assess the impact of varying current magnitudes and temperature on the product to identify potential risks.

Video Quality & Performance

Network Throughput

High Accuracy

Audio & Acoustic Performance

Multi-Client Performance

Low Latency

Voice Quality over Communication

Signal Coverage

Low Error Rate

Working Distance


Charging Efficiency

What we do

Equipment/ Environment for User Reliability Simulation

Product Life Cycle Validation
- Typhoon 8 & 4 HALT System

Only test lab in Asia to provide highly accelerated life test (HALT) services with Typhoon 8.0. By exposing DUT to different levels of stress conditions, we support you to find out product defects and flaws in a short time.

More Precision Equipment

Process Flows

Authorized Third-Party Test Lab of 30+ Standard Alliances

With many years of experience in standard certifications, Allion is your reliable verification expert. From wireless, I/O, to audio and video specifications, our cross-disciplinary certifications will ensure your product meets the industry standards.