Allion PCIe Multiport System (APMS)

APMS is an automated verification solution exclusively developed by Allion. This solution speeds up PCIe testing, shortens the test cycle, and improves the productivity and turnover rate of measurement equipment.

PCI Express (PCIe) is the most widely used technology interface in PC and server products. In PCIe 5.0 and 6.0, transmission speeds can reach as high as 32 GT/s to 64GT/s. In the server ecosystem, PCIe takes advantage of its high-speed features by not only utilizing the original CEM slot, but also other slots such as OCP NIC 3.0 and EDSFF E1/E3 for connecting high-speed products such as computing accelerator cards, network cards, and storage devices. The PCIe electrical signal is extremely important and cannot be ignored during the verification process for server electrical signal quality inspection.

Compromise test scope means compromise quality assurance, don’t let potential risks threaten your success in the industry.

  • PCIe signal quality measurement is a huge effort, you may concerns about NRE and test schedule.

8 slots(x16) server may test maximum of 4,608 eye patterns for Tx, it takes 9~10 days to complete the measurement. Compromise test scope on PCIe signal quality measurement can reduce 50~80% of full test

Automation Solution Advantages:

  • Higher Time Efficiency

Shortens project schedule and speeds up turnaround time. Execute full test scope but keeps same (or less) NRE & test schedule

  • Consistent Quality

Get consistent test quality without human error

  • Expand Equipment Usage

Maximizes the utilization of high-value instrument

APMS consists of four key components:

① Holder Structure
② High Speed Lanes Switch
③ Allion Test Fixture
④ Automation Control Software

◆ APMS Supports Allion CEM and OCP CLB5.0
– 16 lanes are divided into 2 boards

◆ Major 8 lanes are designed on a single board
» Board A: L0,3,4,7,8,11,12,15
» Board B: L1,2,5,6,9,10,13,14

◆ Same characteristic on CEM and OCP CLB5.0
– No calibration needed when switch CLB from board A to board B
– No calibration needed when switch CLB from CEM to OCP

Common issues that have occurred in the past can be addressed by safeguarding signal quality with the Allion PCIe Multiport System (APMS).

Our consistent quality and efficiency can effectively reduce your investment in manpower and minimize unnecessary time consumption. The original measurement time that used to take a month can now be shortened to less than a week, which significantly reduces the overall delivery time. Automated measurements can also lower the probability of human error, improving overall quality. Additionally, the measurement equipment can increase production capacity by up to five times.

PCIe Test
(8 Lanes)
HW Measurement
(Gen1-5, All preset mode)
SW Conversion
Manual Test (Mins) 240 630
APMS (Mins) 50 170
Time Save 79.17% 73.02%

◆ HW Measurement Time Efficiency
Time save 79.17% -> 4.8 times productivity
◆ SW Conversion Time Efficiency
Time save 73.02% -> 3.7 times productivity

(24 hours )
HW Measurement
(Gen1-5, All preset mode)
(Work time: 8 hours)
SW Conversion
(Off work time: 16 hours )
Manual Test (Lanes) 16 None
APMS (Lanes) 76.8 45.2

◆ 24 hours productivity
HW measurement in work time and then SW conversion in off work time
SW Conversion is unattended

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