Request Quality of Procurement (RQP)

To a vendor, Request Quality of Procurement (RQP) and Request for Quotation (RFQ) are key stages in the product development process. RQP and RFQ consist of specification formulation, market and competitor research, supplier evaluation, pre-launch validation, and debugging support—all of which require immense amounts of time and effort.

With 30 years of test experience and vast product testing datasets, our engineers utilize their comprehensive validation, application, and engineering capabilities to offer product development planning, purchase request consulting, RFQ, and pre-launch validation services. Understanding vendors’ product development needs at different stages, Allion Labs is the one-stop solution to your product development challenges.


Our RQP Services are as follows:

1. Product Specification Formulation

Specification Formulation

Performance Standard Development

Compliance, Certification, and Quality Control Recommendation

Product Performance and Market Position Analysis

Ecosystem and Application Simulation

Multi-Scenario Test Construction

2. Procurement Planning

Product/equipment specification formulation

RFQ Process Evaluation and Analysis

Request for Purchase (RFP) Assistance

3. Supplier Analysis and Evaluation

Product/Component Recommendation

Competition and Market Analysis

Supplier Evaluation

Supplier Management

4. Quality Control (QC)

QC Procedure Establishment

Debugging Support

Key component/Device Quality Test

Recommendations for Product Quality Improvement

5. IIoT Factory Automation

Factory Automation

Systematic Safety Inspection

Software/hardware integration