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Computers, smart phones, and IoT devices are an indispensable part of our lives. But in order for the devices to deliver their fullest performance, stable Wi-Fi connections are needed. TR-398 is launched specifically to test the performance of Wi-Fi routers. In this article we are going to test some of the notable brands in the market and see how well they perform when being tested with the TR-398 approach.


Testing Instrument & Setup

Routers on the market, which one is the best?TR-398

Allion Performance Test of 5 Notable Routers


Maximum Connection Test

Maximum Connection Test Results

Maximum Throughput Test

Maximum Throughput Test Result

Airtime Fairness Test – 5GHz

Airtime Fairness Test 5GHz Test Result

Range Versus Rate Test

Range Versus Rate Test – Downlink Test Result

Range Versus Rate Test – Uplink Test Result

Spatial Consistency Test

Spatial Consistency Test – Strong Signal

Spatial Consistency Test – Medium Signal Test Result

Spatial Consistency Test – Medium Signal Test Resi;t

Multiple Association/Disassociation Stability Test

Multiple Association/Disassociation Stability Test Result

Stability/Robustness Test

Stability/Robustness Test Result

AP Coexistence Test Result



Final Results

The Performance of Each Router (Test cases 6.1.1, 6.4.1, 6.4.3 are not tested in this experiment)

We can derive from the test results that the 5 routers scored below average for each performance test. Since TR-398 is a relatively new standard, routers on the market may not have been designed or calibrated based on the TR-398 standard yet. But with the release of TR-398, we believe more vendors and manufacturers will start to strive for better performance and mitigate potential issues.
Allion knows the key to exceptional performance!

As the Authorized Test Lab of Wi-Fi Alliance, Allion is the only test lab in Asia to offer complete testing solutions for Wi-Fi certifications. We are extending our capabilities of Wi-Fi certification testing to TR-398 services. Our goal is to help vendors test the performance of their devices and enhance the overall user experience. Contact us now to learn more.