Allion Labs is recently authorized by Amazon to offer “Alexa For PCs” Certification. Vendors can now engage in Self-Test and validations for certification at Allion to accelerate the launch time of their products to the market.

“Alexa For PCs” is a qualification for PC devices to adopt Alexa voice services. PCs installed with Windows 10, such as desktop computers, laptops, AiO, and even tablets can all access Alex via “Alexa For PCs”. Users can now voice other smart devices via their computers.

To obtain “Alexa For PCs” Certification, vendors are required by Amazon to submit self-test reports, in addition to getting stability test and acoustics tests at an officially authorized test lab.

For years, Allion has been partnering with global companies and organizations to provide testing services. As an experienced test lab, Allion also provides complete Smart Home Ecosystem Validation, a suite of scenario-based, user-oriented simulation tests that will help you build a seamless smart home.

For more information regarding “Alexa For PCs” Certification, please contact us at

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