Allion Labs, Inc., the global leader of engineering validation and standard certification, has announced that it has officially become an authorized independent test laboratory for the HTC Connect™ Program.  Allion is currently one of only two HTC Connect test labs in the world, and is the first lab in the Asia region.  Starting now, vendors can contact with Allion’s worldwide branches for the technical consulting and certification application of HTC Connect Program.

The HTC Connect Program is a program launched by HTC Corporation; the goal is to deliver smooth end-to-end connectivity and interoperability between HTC smartphones and corresponding consumer electronics/accessories.  Consumers are able to connect an HTC smartphone to an HTC Connect-enabled device with no instruction manual needed, and enjoy a smooth user experience.

HTC Connect adopts wireless streaming technologies for enhanced connectivity. Testing services for DLNA compatible devices are now available, and will gradually expand to other wireless communication technologies such as Bluetooth.  As an independent test laboratory for the HTC Connect Program, Allion provides HTC Connect testing services, which comply with the latest HTC Connect Test specifications.  Those seeking to demonstrate HTC Connect compliance and obtain eligibility to display the HTC Connect logo must have their devices tested by an HTC Connect test lab.

In addition to HTC Connect, Allion are also the test lab for most of mainstream technical standards like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HDMI, and USB; which can be vendor’s primary choice for one-stop logo certification service.  For more information about HTC Connect, please refer to its home page  For the HTC Connect Program and other technical support, please contact Allion at

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