Delivering Unlimited Transmission and Combination Power

Allion Labs, Inc. (Allion) has been officially authorized by Intel Corporation as a Certification Test Lab for PCs and notebooks with Thunderbolt™ ports. Thunderbolt™ technology can not only transmit high-definition display and data, but also makes the breakthrough of PCIe interface from internal bus to external usage. This means a variety of devices on the PCIe interface can be also used in accordance with Thunderbolt™ technology to improve multiple devices' interconnectivity and interoperability, and to provide flexibility and simplicity for thin system designs. The milestone also underscores Allion's commitment and interface certification experience to be the first wave lab for PCs and notebooks certification. Starting now, Allion will assist the vendors in passing through compliance program and gaining the logo usage with the most consistent and professional Thunderbolt™ engineering validation and consulting service.

"We are looking forward to our collaboration with Allion Labs to jointly accelerate the process of Thunderbolt™ products entry to the market. " said Jason Ziller, Marketing Director, Client Connectivity Division, Intel Corporation.

Based on the advantages of high-scalability and high-bandwidth, Thunderbolt™ technology has gradually become the dominance of transformational I/O and hardware interface. With the features of 10 Gbps Bi-directional/Dual channel, Dual-protocol (PCI Express and DisplayPort), Daisy-chained multiple devices, Electrical or optical cables, Low latency with highly accurate time synchronization and so on, Thunderbolt™ technology significantly combines native PCIe and DP connection into one serial signal cable, and vendors are able to innovate new PC models and configurations to various peripherals connected by one interface through various topologies. Intel just introduced the next generation of its Thunderbolt™ technology with 20Gbps high-bandwidth and to support 4K high-definition video transfer and display simultaneously.

The goal of Thunderbolt™ certification is to assist vendors in certifying, verifying and ensuring the Thunderbolt-certified devices can meet the compliance of the specification launched by Intel, and function properly with specific operating system to better the optimal user experience.

In addition to Thunderbolt™ certification and related products' pre-certification, Allion will be a one-stop-shop for HDMI and DisplayPort certification services as well as interoperability and power-related tests. For more information about Thunderbolt™ technology and certification, please refer to or contact Allion at

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