Allion Labs, Inc. (Allion) has been officially authorized as Bluetooth Qualification Test Facility (BQTF) by Bluetooth Special Interest Group (Bluetooth SIG) to perform the Bluetooth qualification conformance tests.  This is a greater step made after the qualification of Bluetooth Qualification Expert (BQE), which indicates that Allion furthers Bluetooth certification technology to an advanced evolution.  Allion is now launching a more comprehensive approach to the Bluetooth certification and consulting services.  From Bluetooth specification evaluation, test plan preparation, actual conformance test execution, problem debugging/ issue identification, test results review to the listing of Qualified Design Listing (QDL) and End Product Listing(EPL), Allion provides Bluetooth vendors with the most consistent and professional Bluetooth engineering validation and consulting service.

Allion’s self-designed & developed Bluetooth qualification test equipment “Allion Bluetooth RF Test System (ABRTS)” and “Allion Bluetooth Test Suite (ABTS)” recently also have successfully be certified by Bluetooth SIG.  This certification means both ABRTS and ABTS have been validated for meeting the Bluetooth specification in adherence to the Test System Validation Guideline.  With the implementation of ABRTS and ABTS, vendors will be able to do in-house Bluetooth qualification validation by themselves.  That is to say, Allion can not only provide the various manufacturers with the breadth of services for the certification, but also actively expand our research and design capability in the test equipments to further the depth of Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth has been a widely- adopted short-range wireless communication standard over a decade.  The development of its specification and protocols are based on the management of Bluetooth SIG.  Bluetooth has now become an indispensable technology in all kinds of portable devices, such as laptops or mobile phones.  Any products using Bluetooth technology must be authorized by Bluetooth SIG through the qualification process and the conformance test; in other words, to use the Bluetooth logo on the product, the manufacturers must obtain qualification and authorization.  In the future, Bluetooth technology will continue to improve the confidentiality and power consumption to meet the demand for portable products in the high-speed data transmission, synchronization capabilities and high-quality audio and video streaming; meanwhile, Allion will persistently carry through Bluetooth technology advancement and provide the ever latest consulting and certification services.

As a world-renowned engineering validation and consulting firm, Allion is committed to expand its verification technology and services range.  In addition to BQE consulting, BQTF qualification conformance testing and ABRTS/ABTS test equipment providing, Allion especially focuses on the issue analytics, root causes and proper solutions with its state-of-the-art technology and expertise to ensure Bluetooth products meet the technical specifications of Bluetooth SIG.  During the process of design, test, validation and registration, the customized and professional services can reduce the time-to-market of products with low cost and economies of scale.  For further information about Bluetooth specification and compliance program, please contact Allion at

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