To better serve our client’s emerging testing requirements and satisfy their needs, as a global leading engineering validation & consulting company, Allion Labs, Inc.(Allion) announced the grand opening of its newly- established Cable & Connector Testing Center. This expansion not only shows Allion’s technical capability, also represents the service coverage is entering a new milestone. 

Allion’s Cable & Connector Testing Center recently has been approved by USB-IF as the official USB Cable Assemblies and Connector Labs, which is able to provide the complete compliance testing service for Cable Assemblies and Connectors adopting USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 specification. Allion is also the Authorized Test Laboratory for HDMI Cable products. Furthermore, this new facility is capable of performing all these major validation categories such as high-frequency signal, mechanical characteristic, electrical characteristic and environmental change on mainstream technologies including HDMI (connector), DisplayPort, MHL, SATA and more. Our all-embracing service scope and superior service quality can be the guarantee to product success.

To fully correspond to different types of cable/connector and various new technologies, Allion’s Cable & Connector Testing Center is equipped with the most complete high-end testing devices and environment. Key equipments include Terminal Strength Tester, Mating and Unmating Force Tester, Cable Flexing Tester, Shock Tester, X-Ray Test, Solderability Tester, Thermal Shock Chamber, Withstanding Voltage Tester, Steam Aging Tester, Salt Spray Tester and more. All tests will be conducted in an independent lab space to prevent the influence of external factors and ensure both result accuracy and validation quality. The ultimate purpose is to make sure that client’s product development schedule will have no delay, and to accelerate their time-to market.

Located in Central Taiwan Science Park, the foundation of Allion Cable & Connector Testing Center not only enhances the company’s growth of momentum, it also means that Allion’s validation domain is expanding from consumer electronics, home entertainment, enterprise application , automotive device to a more professional fields, that is cable and connectors. Look into the future, Allion will continue to master the technical trend and offer the most reliable quality assurance service. For more information about cable & connector testing service, please contact Allion at

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