Starting from testing validation service; and has developed as a global leading engineering validation & consulting company, Allion Labs, Inc. (Allion) is now moving to a brand-new milestone. For better service quality, Allion has expanded its service scope to a deeper level with superior Engineering capability since the beginning of 2011. The major transformation strategies include:

  • Form a “Senior Technical Expert Team” for in-depth issue analysis and debugging service
  • Construct a new facility at Central Taiwan Science Park with seamless service provided
  • Cooperate with Tektronix to create the state-of-the-art environment. US$9 million dollars of equipment are invested.
  • Expanding Service scope to cover more wide range of technologies including healthcare, automotive and signal measurement

Since 2011, Allion has recruited a group of senior industry professionals and teamed up as a “Senior Technical Expert Team”. All of our experts have solid technical background and strong practical experience in EE, ME, SE, and FW fields. The mission of this specially-formed expert team is to provide troubleshooting consulting services mainly in ten technical focuses including OS Kernel, Electricity, Device Driver, Networking, Software, Security, Interoperability, Competitive Analysis, User Interface and Standard Compliance.

Also, other than the continuous dedication in its R&D head quarter in Taipei and global facilities in Tokyo, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Portland and Seoul, Allion is now building our new labs at Central Taiwan Science Park and will open by the end of 2013. The new facility will have 11,550 square meters lab space for diverse utilizations on all the massive needs of customized validation solutions.

What is more, Allion has built strategic cooperative partnership with Tektronix. The core of this partnership is based on US$9 million high-end equipment adoption. To satisfy all equipment/environment demands from our worldwide locations, the adoption will include the latest model of BERT scope, real-time oscilloscope, sampling oscilloscope, protocol analyzer, signal generator and more.

Also, Allion is enlarging our service scope to different variety of product lines, i.e., home entertainment, PC, networking, CE devices, healthcare and IVI system. Allion has put a lot of efforts on high frequency signal measurement and RF signal degradation/ interference studying, which have been considered as huge challenges during product development. Allion is hoping to dedicate on the solution finding to help clients solve the product development dilemmas.

Established in 1991, Allion has accumulated a lot of experience in product validation and quality improvement; and will continue to bring more advanced and deeper-level services to the industry. For more information, please contact Allion at

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