USB-IF has officially authorized Allion to become the first ATL (Authorized Test Lab) in the Greater China region to provide USB PD 2.0 certification & testing, for USB PD 2.0 Silicon & USB Type-C™ Power Bricks. 

USB PD 2.0 (USB Power Delivery 2.0) supports USB Type-C specifications, dual PD mode, also providing up to 100(W) of output. This satisfies the fast charging requirements from consumers; for smart phones, laptops, appliances and automotive electronics, etc. USB-IF has opened test categories for USB PD 2.0 Only Silicon & USB Type-C™ End Product Power Bricks. The Power Bricks are separated by those with & without USB PD function: Products with USB PD shall conform to USB PD 2.0 certification standards; those without PD shall refer to USB Type-C™ certification standards. USB-IF shall release various USB PD 2.0 product certification types to insure product quality and to conform product design to the spec.

Allion is a USB-IF ATL (Authorized Test Lab), capable of providing USB PD 2.0, USB Type-C™, standard USB, Hi-Speed USB & Super speed USB certification & testing. Allion can also provide a one–stop USB compliance testing service. For any questions regarding the latest Certifications or USB related technical inquiries please contact Allion at

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