We are thrilled to announce Allion (Taiwan & USA) has been recognized by OCF (Open Connectivity Foundation) to become one of the first wave of certification ATL Labs globally. Allion Taiwan is not only familiar with local culture, language and customs, but also Allion Taiwan can fully support all activities and certification in Taiwan, USA, China, Japan and Korea. We are not only excited, but also pleased to provide and promote OCF certification, interoperability and performance testing in Asia. Utilizing the benefits and strengths of various compliances; not only to boost OCF standard adoption and the advance of OCF technology, but also we can assist in the integration and liaison between OCF and other technology standards Allion represents from development to implementation.

One of Allion’s target is to collaborate with OCF to promote connectivity between various fields and increase its awareness to the market, with the ultimate goal of gaining more memberships through active promotion. Allion is the only organization able to utilize the benefits and strengths of various compliances; not only to boost our client’s competitiveness, but also to promote adoption and integration between certifications represented by Allion.


This would be facilitated from start of development to certification and implementation. As an engineering company, Allion also provides customized consulting and testing services related to product quality, performance, compatibility, and interoperability. Allion offers professional engineering services for each stage of product development.

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