As a listing company in Japan with its main businesses of Car Electronics around the world, Pioneer held its annual general meeting in this June. By such a significant occasion, Pioneer has always publicly expressed their appreciation to their best partner(s). In this June, Allion was awarded this merit. With our professional testing services, Allion has been a long term Pioneer’s business partner. It is our honor to have this recognition for our contributions into Pioneer’s product development. More than logo certifications, Allion also provides customized quality services that can help our clients to efficiently achieve optimal product quality.                                           Hideaki Nakayama, the CEO of Allion Japan, said it was a pleasure for us to win this honor.  It also confirmed that our hard work and efforts in product validation & quality assurance are highly valued by our customers.  Allion will continue to work with Pioneer closely not only on logo certification but also in IVI system validation.  Allion Japan is specializing in car system validation services, with portfolios including standard logo certification, Apple CarPlay test, ITU-T audio quality test, ecosystem interoperability, field test as well as application test for automotive devices.  Also, there are diversified needs in quality assurance for future IoT market growth. Allion is committing to provide our best services to our customers in either product validation or quality consulting.


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