USB-IF announced 3 new  USB Type-C certification items: USB 2.0 Peripherals with USB Type-C™ (no USB PD), USB 2.0 Embedded Hosts with USB Type-C™ (no USB PD) and Alternate Mode Adapters.  For years Allion actively cooperated with USB-IF to provide fast certification services for customers, and now has become the only one test lab to provide all USB certification categories, including hosts, devices/peripherals, cable assemblies & connectors, power delivery, etc.

USB Type-C™ is a breakthrough of IT transmission technology that can by single interface deliver audio, visual, data and power.  It has been regarded as the one with the most potential of a rapid growth and with the specifications satisfying the requirements of high speed, high volumes and low power for next generation of IT world.  Since USB-IF announced USB Type-C™ specification in 2014, it has been brought attentions for its astonishing market growth, and there is a forecast that USB Type-C™ devices markets will be in a scale approaching to US$9.9 billion. 

In order to accelerate the certification processes, USB-IF has been seeking cooperation with equipment and fixture vendors to develop testing tools. Allion has been devoted to the USB test fixture design for years. Our fixtures have also been approved by USB-IF for certification test use, including PHY, Protocol, Power, Interoperability, etc.

More than that, Allion is also providing overall quality services, including functionality, performance and interoperability that can enhance quality requirements in addition to the regular compliances of logo certifications.  By such services, we can base on your needs to customize quality requirements for you to assure the qualities both on the components and modules of your products. Allion with our professions can help our clients to boost the competiveness of the products before product launches.

Allion has been into testing services for over 20 years. With edgy technologies, we always help our clients to achieve product quality upgrades that can be ahead on the markets, with precise insights of the future trends for a first move.

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