In 2009, Google launched Chrome OS, a computer operating system that features a fast, simple, and secure user experience resting on a distributed worldwide platform of web-based applications and cloud-based data storage. As a growing segment of the market, computer manufacturers are investing more heavily in Chromebooks, the brand name for notebooks running Chrome OS. To maintain high-quality industry standards, Google has introduced an Approved Vendor List (AVL) for suppliers of Chromebook components, such as touchpads, touchscreens, display panels, Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth adapters, and USB hubs.


In support of this initiative, Allion Labs, Inc. (Allion) has just been approved as a third-party test facility of Chromebook touchpads and touchscreens. In this capacity, our professional test engineering teams will assist Chromebook component suppliers to understand the Chrome OS Touch certification process, plan comprehensive test plans, and perform precise debugging analysis. Component suppliers, especially those in Asia, will benefit from improved cross-cultural communications, easier access to supply chains, and reduced fine tuning time. Chromebook manufacturers will also benefit from easy access to pre-approved computer components and consumers will benefit from more reliable Chromebook devices.


Allion is excited to partner with Google in this quality management initiative. We also look forward to working with the entire Chromebook supply chain to help deliver high-quality computing devices to global markets. Allion is dedicated to helping Chromebook component suppliers and system manufacturers achieve Chrome OS Touch Approved Vendor List (AVL) certification in an efficient way. As this program develops, Allion will continue to update its touch testing equipment, procedures, and associated support services. For any Chrome OS testing inquiries or technical consulting support, please contact Allion

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