Allion Shanhai, after Allion Shenzhen, Taiwan, and Japan, has become the subcontractor of Sony (HDMI) Authorized Test Center. The branch can now support manufacturers in every stage of their HDMI related product development process.

Founded by household technological industries, including Sony, Panasonic, Lattice, and Maxell, HDMI plays a leading role in high quality video/audio transmission. Up to now, there have been around 9 billion electronic devices, such as laptops, set-top boxes, and TV, that carry with HDMI ports. 

Due to HDMI 2.1 Specification was released, the group decided to establish new local test centers to fit the increasing needs in China. Always keeping a close relationship with HDMI LA, Allion’s Shanhai affiliation thus becomes their first priority. We will offer Pre-Test, Compliance Test, Interoperability/Compatibility Test, and Debugging Supports for all product categories, aiming to help clients obtain certifications as quickly as possible. 

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