As AI and IoT ecosystem grows with new technologies, the demand for better and smarter testing services also rises.

Allion, an expertise in engineering testing services, has recently established an AI-driven test Lab that incorporates machine learning, image recognition, automation, and data collection and analysis. This will enable us to provide tailor-made testing approaches for our customers to get their smart devices certified.

Our goal is to help vendors pinpoint product flaws and improve them in the earliest time possible. By adopting robotic testing, we are able to quantify and control every variable in testing procedures to raise the overall test quality, performance, and efficiency.

In order to build a controlled testing environment, Allion has been the first test lab to adopt robot arms, Arduino cars, and image recognition to conduct AI-driven robotic testing. The advantage of such testing is enabling consistent and precise automation tests, which generates big data and allows us to perform further quantitative analysis.

This AI-driven robotic testing can be utilized to test a wide variety of smart devices, including wireless connection quality, scenario analysis, sensor quality analysis and so on.

At Allion, we understand what kind of robotic tests vendors need at different stages of development. Our testing service is divided into three categories: unit testing, functionality testing, and integration testing.


Unit Test

This part of the test focuses on the most minimal part of devices. We would test the performance of a single function. The key is to record the quantitative data of the device’s functions.


Functionality Test

This part of the test highlights the performance of user interfaces. This test checks on the interoperability among IoT devices. The test approach here is to run software to control and command the devices.


Integration Test

This part of the test puts emphasis on the operation of all connected devices in the same ecosystem and their performance in different user scenarios. The key here is to integrate software with hardware to create various situations, which allows us to pinpoint potential risks and issues of the devices.


With the three testing approaches, Allion can pinpoint potential risks in your products, and provide you with a complete, in-depth analysis of the issues, and conclude with possible solutions to better your devices.


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