Dedicated in product quality assurance and standard compliance testing, Allion (Allion Test Labs, Inc) today announced its new role as the accredited Authorized Test Laboratory (ATL) of Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) and has been listed on the CCC official site (please refer to ).  Allion is now the sole CCC ATL in Taiwan and Japan regions.  As the role of ATL, Allion will keep assisting CCC to promote its in-vehicle connectivity standard by offering real-time technical consulting and certification services.

CCC is a non-profit organization across industries such as cell phone and automotive.  The vision of CCC is to create an open and common technical standard by allowing mobile devices like Smartphones, tablet PCs and e-books to communicate with In-Vehicle Infotainment system (IVI system) seamlessly.  And the ultimate goal is to provide a convenient and intuitional in-vehicle user experience for all potential consumers.  This universal standard has officially named as MirrorLink™ in this September to pursue the seamless connectivity within car environment.

MirrorLink™ is a standard combined and specified around a set of well established and existing standards to fulfill the ideal in-vehicle user scenarios.  It uses Universal Plug and Play (UPnP™) to give access to only pre-advertised applications, Virtual Networking Computing (VNC™) to replicate the phone display and to provide key and touch events back, Bluetooth™ and Real-Time Protocol (RTP) over UDP for audio streaming, and other technologies like IP mechanism.  MirrorLink™ also supports legacy car connectivity solutions like Bluetooth™ HFP and A2DP.  All of these above-mentioned individual standards/ technologies can be tested and validated via Allion.

Despite it’s a lately developed standard, MirrorLink™ is already endorsed by several IT giants.  For example, Nokia launched a series of MirrorLink™ enabled Smartphone and Panasonic’s in-car Display-Audio system called ‘Toyota Touch Life’ for the Toyota iQ city car is also certified in late November.  It is highly expected to penetrate automotive, mobile communication and consumer electronics fields by a tremendous volume of product adoption in the near future.  To help vendors create a smooth in-car connectivity experience, Allion is now working in conjunction with CCC to promote the MirrorLink™ standard/ techonolody and its certification program.  For more information about this compelling technology and related testing service, please contact Allion at

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