As a leading global engineering validation and consulting company, Allion Japan (Allion Japan Inc.) has been accredited by Sony (Sony Corporation) as an official FeliCa Evaluation Lab that can perform FeliCa RF Performance Certification Test. In addition to Japan, Allion has become the first FeliCa Evaluation Lab in Taiwan and the Greater China Region. Vendors can contact with Allion’s worldwide branches for the complete FeliCa technical consulting and certification application.

FeliCa is a contactless RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) card technology developed by Sony. The name FeliCa is a combination of the words "Felicity" and “Card” suggesting that the technology will make modern lives more convenient and enjoyable. The principles of FeliCa are based on contactless communication between the reader/writer and the card is activated by electromagnetic waves radiated from the reader/writer. In addition, FeliCa communicates on a standard frequency of 13.56 MHz at a speed of 212 kbps or 424 kbps. Due to an efficient mutual authentication method and high-speed transmission system, the transaction process (including secure encryption) between the reader/writer and the IC card is completed within one tenth (1/10) of a second. With its large volume of transactions and high security, FeliCa is used in a wide variety of ways. Examples include IC card systems, mobile devices for public transportation, e-money, etc….

The purpose of FeliCa RF Performance Certification Test is to create an environment and process in which service providers and vendors feel secure and have a positive experience with services that use FeliCa technology. As an authorized FeliCa Evaluation Laboratory; therefore, Allion can assist interested vendors in specification verification, certification, qualification, and improving the performance, security, reliability, and user experience for FeliCa compatible products. Starting now, vendors can contact our worldwide branches for FeliCa technical consulting and certification.

For more information about FeliCa technology, please refer to its official home page

For FeliCa RF Performance Certification Test and other technical support, please contact Allion at

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