Allion Labs is opening its first Europe Branch in Budapest, Hungary, and has recently obtained local government’s approval on September 26, 2018.

With Allion’s 20+ years of experience in engineering testing, Allion Budapest is established with the mission to bring customers and partners localized and timely testing services in Europe.

Now with Allion Budapest, our current and potential customers have direct access to our services including Standard Certification, Product Validation, and Technical Consultation, along with the booming In-Vehicle Infotainment system validation, which will enable customers to expand their businesses in the Europe market.

As one of the leading test labs in the world, Allion realizes the convergence of AI and IoT is getting stronger as the smart living ecosystem continues to thrive.

Allion is currently adopting AI-driven testing along with other typical methodologies as we have the vision to provide our customers a smarter and faster testing experience.

Allion believes that solid testing and insightful analysis are the keys to better product qualities. We stand ready to offer an even more versatile testing portfolio to reassure our current and new vendors that their products not only meet industry standards, but are also fully functional, enjoyable, and satisfying.

As Allion paves its way into Budapest, Allion’s global network, which now spans across North America, Asia, Greater China Area, Europe, has been further strengthened. We are ready to offer our customers all the services they need as they embrace the world of AI and IoT.

Allion Labs, headquartered in Taipei, is a global enterprise that strives to provide worldwide vendors device testing services and technical consultancy. Allion has offices in Nantou Taiwan, Shanghai/Shenzhen China, Seoul Korea, Tokyo Japan, and Oregon USA.


For more information, please contact Allion Europe via

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