Dedicating in promoting USB product development with USB-IF, Allion Shenzhen has been authorized as the first “USB Type-CTM Cable Assemblies and Connector Testing Lab” in China. Now, we are able to provide a more comprehensive and localized testing service for vendors of USB Cable and Connector.

Not only allows faster data transmission, the USB Type-C technology also enables higher power supply. These features, however, sophisticate the production process. For example, “high frequency signal” is usually the key for USB Type-C to transmit more data per second. In order to ensure its integrality, manufacturers have to reduce impedance discontinuity through effective impedance matching, and this involves in how they design and what material they choose to produce their products.

In addition, USB Type-C cables are able to provide 100W power (maximum) bi-directionally. The complex power delivery system also obscures vendors from producing “qualified” USB Type-C cables and connectors. To be more specific, our clients often find difficulties in resolving “over-heat issues” or validating whether the voltage of Power Sink and Power Source can be perfectly matched under different user scenarios.

As the first tier partner of USB-IF, Allion Shenzhen is now available for providing all USB Compliance testing for comprehensive product categories. We are sure that our one-stop services, including Product Validation, Pre-Compliance Test, and Standard Certification, will allow you to minimize turnaround times and maximize competitive advantage of your USB products.

For further information, please contact Allion at for a prompt response.

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