Authorized by USB-IF, Allion Lab, Shenzhen, has become the only Cable Assemblies and Connector Test Lab in China. Now, we are able to provide a more localized testing and consulting service for USB compliance program.

USB-IF has set up an overall certification testing plan to avoid quality issues that might be caused by external factors. For example, the instability of high frequency signals could be arising from the design/fabrication process of the cable and connector. Severe environments and poor user behaviors could also weaken the signal transmission/connection. Therefore, USB-IF establishes four categories in its testing plan, which includes Electrical Test, Mechanical Test, Environmental Test and High Frequency Test.

Under this four categories, USB-IF has formulated several sub-items. For instance, one sub-item of the environmental test of USB 2.0 connector requires the product to operate 240 hours straight (approx. 10 days) in a gas chamber, which is mixed by SO2, CL2 NO2, and H2S. USB Type-C cable, during its Mechanical Test, also requires Wrenching Strength Test, which is not previously included into USB 2.0 and 3.0. Wrenching Strength Test can ensure a minimum requirement of the tensile strength both in design and fabrication, avoiding possible damages on related systems and devices.

In addition, the integrity of high frequency signal is one of the most crucial factors for USB 3.0 and USB Type-C cable. In fact, the entire production process, including product design and material selection, can both affect its quality. How to reduce impedance discontinuity through effective impedance matching, consequently, is the particular challenge for the producers. Moreover, since the testing schedules of cable and connector are relatively long, vendors often face a lot of delays and uncertainties, especially when debugging is required.

Dedicating to provide a more prompt and convenient service for its members, USB-IF decides to establish local “Authorized Test Lab (ATL).” Allion is always keeping its close cooperation with USB-IF, therefore, becomes the only ATL for USB Cable and Connector in China. We will provide our world-class testing services and technical consulting to fulfill the needs of the vendors in the Great China Region.

Excellent fixture design leads to a smoother and faster testing process. Allion Lab, Shenzhen, will provide customized fixtures as the needs of our clients. Of course, Allion never stops its progresses. In the near future, we will introduce more test services into USB Type-C certification, such as HDMI Alt Mode, DisplayPort Alt Mode, Thunderbolt Alt Mode, etc. to our Shenzhen lab, extending our services from south to the central and north China.

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