Allion (Allion Test Labs, Inc) is pleased to announce that its Shenzhen facility, Allion Shenzhen Inc, is now the official SATA Independent Test Lab (ITL) certified by the Serial ATA International Organization (SATA-IO). From now on, vendors will be able to choose their preferred service locations for SATA Certified Logo Program with high flexibility. Allion Shenzhen is currently the only SATA ITL in China region to conduct SATA Interoperability Testing; while Allion itself is also the sole testing firm providing SATA certification service in three spots including Taiwan, China and US.

Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) is a bus interface to replace the former Parallel ATA technology. With remarkable benefits such as easier integration, faster performance, and enhanced reliability, SATA has become one of the most widely-adopted interfaces for PC, server and many CE products. The latest specification of SATA standard is SATA Gen 3 revision which offers up to 6Gb/s transfer speed and extends the speed, reliability and system efficiency for broader device segments. Due to its widespread usage and constantly evolvement, SATA technology is considered to have a promising future in the entire computing industry.

With superior service, quality and reliability, Allion is recognized as a world’s leading third party test laboratory for many technical standard organizations. Years of experience in compliance testing and certification has cultivated Allion’s unique test methodology and comprehensive service scope.  Not only conducting test cases, we are also able to provide consulting service for failure analysis and product improvement to help vendors clarify the potential risks and pinpoint the possible root causes. For further information or any technical inquiries regarding SATA and other standards, please contact Allion at

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