USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) has officially announced that Allion Labs, Inc. (Allion Taiwan), Allion Japan Inc. (Allion Japan) and Allion Shanghai, Inc. (Allion Shanghai) are now authorized to conduct USB 3.0 compliance testing of embedded host devices, such as televisions, wireless access points, and MFPs (Multi-Functional Printers). These three labs can also provide pre-compliance testing and technical consultation services.


Besides embedded host devices, Allion also provides complete certification support for other USB 3.0 product classes including Peripherals (Devices), Hubs (compound and standalone), Host Systems, and Silicon Building Blocks. USB-IF Certification is now essential for many USB controllers and hubs, since it is a prerequisite for Windows Hardware Certification.


With over two decades of experience serving technology companies, Allion continues to deliver the best possible product compliance and consulting services to our global clients. If you wish to learn more about our USB-IF Compliance Program, please visit our website or contact us directly

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