DisplayPort 1.4

4K TV is mainstream now and 8K TV is no doubt the next big thing. For instance, the upcoming 2016 Rio Summer Olympics Games will be partially filmed in 8K. The visual experience promises to be immersive with high dynamic range and color gamut. 

Since 8K displays require faster data transmission speeds and more precise signals, VESA recently launched DisplayPort 1.4, which clearly stipulates the design specifications for HBR3 (8.1 Gbps) signals. In comparison, the previous DisplayPort 1.2 specification only supported transmission speeds up to 5.4 Gbps. Due to the increased bandwidth, DisplayPort 1.4 can support high-resolution 8K video. 

For display makers, jitter tolerance quality is a very important metric. If the design has any problems, it will cause signal errors and thereby impact image quality. For integrated circuit designers, jitter tolerance is also a big challenge. 

VESA has also defined a Compliance Test Specification (CTS) for DisplayPort 1.4. To ensure high-quality end user experiences, Allion Labs, Inc. (Allion) has just recently launched HBR3 jitter tolerance testing. This testing can help product designers locate potential problems prior to product launch by focusing on the physical layer.

Allion has conducted DisplayPort testing for many years. We are also very familiar with Thunderbolt™ 3 and USB Type-C™ interfaces. If you want to know more about our test services, please contact us: service@allion.com 

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