USB Type-C related products continue to increase in popularity as big-name brands such as Apple and Google drive the technology forward. This trend is increasingly reflected in actual sales figures, so that income opportunities are increasing exponentially. No doubt, the USB Type-C market is a hot sales prospect for cable & connector vendors, since many consumers will need to buy dongles to connect their peripherals to USB Type-C hosts. Due to this demand, the USB Type-C dongle and adapter market will definitely grow in the future. It is expected that in a few more years, USB Type-C will become dominant, but even if that happens more quickly than expected, consumers will still need to connect their legacy equipment to new USB Type-C devices. Since these older USB devices cannot be plugged directly into USB Type-C ports, nor USB Type-C connectors connected to legacy USB ports, USB Type-C dongles are required to enable both connection types.


Taking into account the increasing demand for USB Type-C dongle testing, Allion Labs, Inc. (Allion) is pleased to introduce its new USB Type-C Dongle Testing Program. Allion’s new test program is now available for USB dongle vendors who are in the process of (or planning to) release new dongle products to the global market. As an official USB Cable Assemblies and Connector Lab, Allion can assist your company with specification conformance, quality assurance, and additional advanced testing. This advanced testing includes electrical, mechanical, and environmental testing to ensure the best product quality and reliability. If you have any technical questions related to this new testing program or are interested in learning more about applying for our comprehensive test services, please contact us directly

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