As a leading global engineering validation and consulting pioneer, Allion has officially announced that IVI(In-Vehicle Infotainment)system validation services are now available. Allion’s in depth IVI system validation services comprises Logo certification, device interoperability, and extended validations, such as APP validation, RF signal testing and customized functional conformance. IVI services aim to improve product quality and interoperability and increase customer’s satisfaction in the target market (Please refer to Illustration 1: Allion’s IVI system validation services.)

Illustration 1: Allion’s IVI system validation services

Accredited by 30+ worldwide industry standard associations, Allion provides customers a one stop solution by offering spec conformance and Logo certification of IVI interface systems, such as, MirrorLink, Wi-Fi, USB, DLNA, Bluetooth and HDMI. Through the long term cooperation and contribution to technology specifications, Allion can help customers find out root causes, speed up process in each product development stage, and furthermore get certifications efficiently.

Interoperability with other devices is current focus of IVI system development. In general, an average of car longevity is 10 years and a brand new type will be sold at every corner of the world. For assuring that this embedded IVI system could function properly with mobiles and tablets over the world, it takes a plenty of time to test bestselling devices launched over the past few years. For such a touch case, Allion starts to build a mobile resource platform and purchase popular mobile devices depending on their market shares and rankings. Until now, the numbers of mobiles have accumulated to thousands. This platform with abundant resources could assist vehicle device manufacturers to meet the needs for testing a variety of mobiles (Please refer to Illustration 2: Allion’s Global mobile resource.)

Illustration 2: Allion’s global mobile resource

In addition to mobile device resource, Allion is capable of customizing testing plans based on product functions. Concerning the safety issues, IVI app design has strict standards. Allion can provide suggestive instructions on UI design principle, and visual accessibility which are ergonomic oriented design and also decrease risks. The user scenario simulation is another vital test item. Allion has created a combination of user scenarios intending to optimize user experiences.

Allion’s all-dimensional IVI system validation services will help customers overcome difficulties, reduce development costs, speed time to market, increase product quality, and simplify the complexity.

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