The USB-IF first announced the USB4 specification back in 2019 through the incorporation of Intel Thunderbolt™ 3 technology. Two years later, the USB4 Revision 2 specification nears finalization, and Intel has since announced that Tiger Lake, Alder Lake, and Raptor Lake will support Thunderbolt 4. In comparison to Thunderbolt™ 3, the fourth generation provides USB4 support with a maximum bandwidth of 40 GT/s in addition to enhanced power supply.

Through our collaboration with AMD and Retimer supplier Kandou, Allion now proudly offers the AMD USB4 electrical test. The AMD USB4 Host has officially passed all USB4 electrical test items.

As a Thunderbolt™ authorized test lab, Allion offers Thunderbolt and USB4 electrical validation (EV) tests. This test measures the integrity of Thunderbolt™ 40.6 GT/s and 20.6 GT/s signals as well as USB4 40 GT/s and 20 GT/s signals. With 30 years of validation experience, Allion continues to support global brands throughout the Thunderbolt™ certification process.

Our engineers know from experience that constant attention must be paid to the smallest details of the AMD USB4 Host electrical test. USB4 ETT parameter settings and control PC selection, for instance, all affect the communication between the Micro Controller and AMD USB4 Host. This ultimately impacts whether the USB4 electrical test can be carried out properly, revealing the high level of difficulty in the AMD USB4 Host testing.

AMD USB4 Host Gen 2 and 3 Eye Diagrams and TP3

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