On September 2, 2021, Allion Japan has become the first Authorized Test Center to provide certifications for HDR10+ Projector. Accredited by HDR10+ Technologies, LLC, Allion aims to assist vendors through HDR10+ Projector related testing and consulting services.

An upgrade from HDR10, HDR10+ is open source and royalty-free. Devices supporting HDR10+ can process dynamic metadata on a frame-by-frame basis to display images more vividly than ever seen before. Though 4K HDR technology is typically applied only to higher-end devices, HDR10+ can operate with mid to high-end devices, expanding the application of HDR technology.

■ About HDR10+ Projector

HDR10+ Projector was created for 4K HDR optical projectors to project on large screens, making it possible to project images larger than those of HDR10+ TVs. The user can enjoy exquisite high-resolution images in the comfort of their own home.

■ Allion’s HDR10+ Certification Testing

HDR10+ Certification Testing ensures not only optical characteristics like luminance and color gamut, but also the features of dynamic metadata. Allion can also provide other AV related certifications and debugging services.

■ Products which can be HDR10+ Certified

  • Display Device (TVs, Monitors)
  • Mobile Display Device (Tablets, Smartphones)
  • Distribution Device (UHD Blu-ray™ Players, Digital Set-Top Boxes)
  • Repeater (AV Receivers/Amplifiers)
  • Projector

DUTs which pass the certification test will feature the HDR10+ Logo, proving that the compliant products possess high-end AV capabilities. Vendors can use the HDR10+ logo on their products and catalogues for easier recognition of HDR10+ certified products.

Allion is the world’s first Authorized Test Center to provide HDR10+ Projector Certifications. In addition to HDR10+ certification and validation testing, we also offer other AV certification programs—including the UHDA, DisplayHDR, HDMI, and 8KA—as well as quality validations and related consulting services. Our complete support helps display manufacturers build a perfect audio-visual experience.

For more information on HDR10+ Projector Certification testing, please contact: service@allion.com

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