On 26 October, 2021, Allion Japan has been authorized as the exclusive authorized test lab of the ZETA Alliance. Allion now provides ZETA certification services and related technical consultancy services according to alliance specifications.

The ZETA Certification Program is for wireless products which incorporates the ZETA specification into their technological products. The products which pass the required communication performance, reliability, and other real-life application tests will then be named a ZETA Certified Product.

Allion Japan’s President and Representative Director Hideaki Nakayama states, “In the recent years, the amount of IoT applications in smart logistics, smart factories, and smart building have grown rapidly. As a third-party test lab, Allion is capable of assisting vendors with ZETA certification and validation needs, as well as in the construction of ZETA test environments. We can also provide the services of reading the data generated from all manufacturers’ sensors and building application models. The ZETA network is a promising new technology because it not only covers a wide area and consumes little power, but is also economical. This gives it the potential to become a top-tier communication technology for future IoT networks. We look forward to its expansion, which will undoubtedly advance the entire IoT ecosystem.

ZETA Alliance Japan was founded in June, 2018. As of October, 2021, there are a total of 109 corporations and 14 universities as members, with a total member count of 123 organizations.

ZETA applications are diverse, already in use in smart architecture, smart railways and stations, and smart agriculture. ZETA has two main highlights:

  1. Supports mesh access and multi-hop mesh networks, which expands the network to cover hard-to-reach areas such as inside a building or even underground while staying cost-effective.
  2. Supports low-power, bi-directional communication

For more information on the ZETA Alliance and technology, please refer to: https://zeta-alliance.org/jp.php

Aside from ZETA Certification tests, Allion also provides Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, LoRa, Wi-Sun, and other related standard certification services. We offer IoT environmental validation solutions, helping vendors build complete IoT ecosystems.

For more information on the ZETA Certification or other related certifications, please contact us at: service@allion.com

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