Allion’s engineering team has developed the first and only automatic USB-C orientation test fixture in the world.

For USB-C, power delivery and data communications are supported by two orientations. To verify the correctness of signals, manufacturers have no other choice but to repeat the process of plugging in one orientation, unplugging, and plugging in the other orientation. If the number of tests is 100, a test engineer will plug and re-plug the USB-C product up to 200 times!

Allion develops the exclusive test fixture AUS19129 which includes normal and reversed orientation modes to ensure the USB-C product quality and reduce the test time. This test fixture allows you to switch between the two orientations with an H/W button.

In addition, the user scenario mode is available to configure your own test mode with the software control system developed by Allion.

Allion understands the problems faced by manufacturers and the inconvenience arising from continual plugging and unplugging. USB-C Automatic Orientation Test Fixture AUS19129 is a smart and time-saving solution to verify USB-C products.If you are interested in learning more about AUS19129 or other test fixtures, be sure to contact us at

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