Allion pleased to announce that our English company name has changed from Allion Test Labs, Inc. to Allion Labs, Inc. as of March, 2012.

Allion has extended our business coverage from testing service to Engineering Service.  In accordance with the expansion, we would like to use a name which reflects the goal of our business strategy.  The change of name is only limited to English company name, Allion’s company names of other languages will remain the same.

Former Company Name
New Company Name(2012.3 Effective)
Allion Test Labs, Inc
Allion Labs, Inc.

This change does not affect the existing operation of this company and we will constantly provide our fine service to your satisfaction on which we have built our reputation in the industry.  All the contracts signed in the name of Allion Test Labs, Inc will remain effective and all customers’ authority and obligation will remain un-changed. 

Thanks for being one of our valued customers, and we appreciate your acknowledgement of our new company name.

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