In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way people live and work. At the peak of the unprecedented crisis, we still keep our promise of delivering the best solutions to our customers. From offline activities to online webinars, Allion is committed to providing high-quality testing services.

 09/16   HDMI 2.1 Webinar—Japanese

 09/12   SGS-ALLION Automotive Communications—Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association Annual Meeting @Shenzhen

 09/10-11   5th China International Intelligent Connected Vehicle Forum 2020 @Shanghai

 08/27   SGS-ALLION Automotive Industry Challenges and Trends: 5G, C-V2X, USB Type-C, Car Automotive and Certification @Shanghai

 08/27   USB4™—and E-marker Forum @Dongguan

 08/26  Webinar: TWS Earbuds Sound Quality and Bluetooth® Connectivity—Mandarin

 08/24  Thunderbolt™ 4 Technical Introduction and Compliance Test Overview Webinar—Mandarin

 07/22   The Future Standards of Visual Technology: HDMI 2.1 & HDR Technical Webinar—Mandarin

 07/01   The Challenges in Automotive Ecosystem: From C-V2X, In-Car Bluetooth® Connectivity to Digital Car Interfaces—Mandarin

 06/18   Autonomous Vehicle Technology Webinar—Japanese

 06/17   USB4™ & TBT4™ Technical Webinar (2)—Mandarin

 06/10   USB4™ & TBT4™ Technical Webinar (1)—Mandarin

 06/03   「SGS-Allion」 Connected Vehicles Webinar Series (3): Solutions for In-Car Voice Assistant & IoT Automotive Apps—Mandarin

 05/20   「SGS-Allion」 Connected Vehicles Webinar Series (2): Solutions for In-Car Bluetooth® Connectivity & Digital Car Interfaces—Mandarin

 05/13   「SGS-Allion」 Connected Vehicles Webinar Series (1): C-V2X Testing & Validation—Mandarin

 04/24     Smart Home Testing Webinar—Japanese

 4/23     Wi-Fi Technical Webinar—Mandarin

 4/12    「Smart Voice Assistant」Technical Webinar: From Alexa Built-in Device to Alexa for PC—Mandarin

 03/02   Thunderbolt™ 3 Developer Conference (Plugfest)  @TPE

 01/15-17   Automotive World  2020 @Tokyo

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