Allion appreciates all the support and feedback for our fixture products. To offer a better purchasing experience, we are officially announcing the opening of Allion’s Test Fixture Shopping Center, making fixture shopping quick and easy. Customers with fixture needs can now select and purchase directly from the Shopping Center.

Armed with 30 years of testing experience, Allion is determined to help clients with testing in every way we can. This is why Allion is skilled in developing a variety of different test fixtures, many of which are approved by international associations or even designated test fixtures. In addition to USB and HDMI fixtures, Allion also designs automated test fixtures, satisfying our client’s diverse testing needs.


To receive the latest news of Allion fixtures, vendors can create an account in the Test Fixture Shopping Center. Those who complete a purchase from our Shopping Center before September 30, 2021 earn a chance to win a limited edition prize from Allion.

Visit Allion’s Test Fixture Shopping Center at:

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