With the technology development and standard updated, Wi-Fi Alliance continues to launch several innovative Wi-Fi certification programs for wireless network technology. In 2012, WFA has already released five new certification programs, including WPA2™ with Protected Management Frames (PMF), Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ Passpoint, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ TDLS and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ IBSS with Wi-Fi Protected Setup™. As WFA ATL (Authorized Test Laboratory) for years, Allion, accumulated abundant experience and technical depth in Wi-Fi technology, is always the first wave to conduct Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Programs. The five certification programs launched in 2012 make no exception. In the future, we will constantly update the latest information of the WFA, and seamless link together you and Wi-Fi as well to complete the ideal ubiquitous Wi-Fi technology.

- WPA2™ with Protected Management Frames (PMF)

Based on IEEE 802.11w standard, WPA2™ with Protected Management Frames (PMF) provides a WPA2-level of protection for unicast and multicast management action frames, strengthening privacy protection for data frames with mechanisms that improve the resiliency of mission-critical networks. The goal of the Wi-Fi Alliance is to ensure interoperability among WPA2 with PMF products from multiple manufacturers. PMF provides strength security for management and control between access point and stations.


- Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint™

Wi-Fi Alliance is now testing mobile devices and infrastructure equipment for its Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint™ program. Passpoint mobile devices can automatically discover and connect to Wi-Fi networks powered by Passpoint-certified access points without any ID and password set, delivering the true mobile broadband experience that users want. As mobile users continue to increase their use of data-intensive applications, Passpoint eases service provider data traffic offload to Wi-Fi networks.


- Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™

Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ is a brand new certification program launched by Wi-Fi Alliance to ensure certified devices implement and follow the WFA Wi-Fi Display Specification properly. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ standard allows device to deliver audio and video content from one to another through the use of Wi-Fi connection. Device types such as TVs, set-top boxes, NBs, handsets and tablets are considered to be the most applicable products to adopt this compelling wireless display standard.



Besides, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast™ devices will also support Tunneled Direct Link Setup (Tunneled Direct Link Setup, TDLS), which allows them to connect via an infrastructure network. TDLS enables more efficient data transfer and the use of more advanced Wi-Fi capabilities than those supported by the legacy infrastructure network through which the devices are connected.


- Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ IBSS with Wi-Fi Protected Setup™

WFA has launched one brand-new certification program for mobile Ad-hoc networking operation called Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ IBSS with Wi-Fi Protected Setup™. The combination of WPS(Wi-Fi Protected Setup) with IBSS (Independent Basic Service Set) connections will create secure and short-term wireless transmission architecture under WPA2™ security mechanisms. The Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ IBSS with Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ program enables mobile consumer devices like smartphones, cameras, printers, multimedia players and portable game devices connection without an AP, in a dynamically deployment of Ad-hoc network where allows the simple sharing of images or information for social network applications.

As a long-term technical partner with WFA and the third-party expertise of Wi-Fi certification programs, Allion not only assists in promoting the Wi-Fi technology, but also actively involves in the development of related technologies. Accumulated a wealth of experience in certification testing, Allion has become the best engineering expert with wireless technology, technical support and consultation for global manufacturers. Through Allion one-stop and well-rounded service, we will provide the standard certification testing, device interoperability, debugging support, and technical consultation. To obtain further info or a prompt response regarding this program, please contact us at service@allion.com.

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